Technology in finance

This competeny takes the technology perspective of the financial ecosystem. Most of the finance infrastructure is build on technology of the 20th century. There is a significant opportunity to create an common open infrastructure that is shared between financial service providers and hosted by an independent organisation.  This financial infrastructure would need to include some of following capabilities:

  • Abilitity for third parties to develop end user apps
  • Provide public financial data for analytics and mashups
  • Ability to support alternative currencies
  • Ability to support open and closed financial communities
  • Supports social mechanics and incentives to promote end user feedback
  • Integrates with other societal public data providers
  • Includes concepts like: societal return on investment, return in involvement
  • Support for clients with financial accounts accross multiple service providers

A good exemplar that supports some of these capabilities is the Fidor Bank.

Community of practice

This is where we grow our knowledge and capabilities.They have a central theme and enable both designpoints as platform as a whole.

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