Purpose driven enterprise

Strong organisations will have the intend to help solve the world challenges through their core business.This is not filantropy but is rapidly becoming a key differentiator to attrach strong clients, partners and talent. A clear purpose motivates people to give their best. This will naturally results in networks of organisations that share this common vision.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) states in their Vision 2050: "The leading companies are those that, through their core businesses, help society manage the world’s major challenges". Up till now the few organizations that have taken this path have been filling a niche market and are the exemplars. The time has come to make this aspect mainstream.

Realisation measurement

  • Update the mission statement to include "we will help solve the world major challenges through our core business" and explain how this will be realized
  • Have a yearly dialog with all employees (through town hall and team sessions) on this topic
  • Have a yearly statement to clients what the focus for that year will be
  • Add a section to each financial product that states how this contributes to this overall mission
  • As a business become member of the WBSD
  • Implement designpoint: public data and metrics




Design Point

Design points are qualities for a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem