Public data and metrics for capital

Financial organisations publish financial data and metrics about the capital they manage. Public data is an important method to build and maintain trust. At the same time it is a foundational building block for innovation and new innovative public services.

The data has some complementary classifications

  • Productive, non productive
  • sustainable, non sustainablle (needs definition)
  • local, non local (needs definition)
  • traditional, complementory currency

Some complementary metrics

  • PCI: Productive Capital Index isdefined as the % of the productive of total capital (incl debt)
  • CSR: % of Capital with Sustainable Return
  • CLR: % of Capital with Local Return
  • CCI: Complementary Currency Index is defined the % capital in complementary currencies as % of the total capital



Design Point

Design points are qualities for a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem




Technology and data