Sustainable Consumer Incentive Programs (SCIP)

These are programs that create financial incentives for the core financial arrangements ( lending, saving, health insurance, pension) and investments to motivate a shift towards more sustainable consumer buying and living practices. Implemented through a network (or partnership) of both financial and consumer service providers.


Albert Hein uses the bonus card to collect consumer transactions that can be used to collect sustainable food points for clients. A bank Bank can partner with Albert Hein to offer different levels of financial incentives for clients with a specific sustainable food badge. These badges are granted for sustainable buying practices. Or Albert Hein can partner with a health insurance company with equivalent "health points" and "health badges". 

Next ambition level

The next level is to create an open platform which all organizations can join. This gives the opportunity to connect a larger part of the consumers and consumer market. This platform also creates the opportunity to add other measurements of resilience to the platform like buying local.




Design Point

Design points are qualities for a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem