Design Point Overview

Have financial institutions adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and measure their impact on society

Take a client point of view and combine economic-, social- and ecological- return with financial return by investing close to the client

A simple and scalable way for the crowd to invest in projects they personally relate to.

Playing Field:

The benefit corporation or B-corp is a new class of companies that include societal value into their governance

Empower regional communities with their own complementary currency to address local issues

Playing Field:

A Financial Sector owned fund to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A DNA Dialogue is a multi stakeholder practice for continuous engagement on the purpose and values of the organization

A community banking concept where all people lend and save at the same time. The community dynamic makes the risks more transparent.

Playing Field:

Include societal impact into the accounting system of companies as a way to accelerate sustainable development.

Unlock the financial data owned by banks and enable consumers to provide access to thrid-party financial service providers. This will allow the financial market to reinvent itself and innovate...

Playing Field:

In todays world the banks can create money by creating debt, so Debt=Money. This aspect of the current model can be considered a sestemic weakness. Full reserve banking is an alternative model...

A local coaching network for better financial decisions. The Neighborhood banker network is the connection between the community and financial institutions. Neighborhood banker networks can...

Measure the productive investment (creates societal value) as an indicator of sustainable development

Use the creative outsider perspective to reinvent what you do (Microsoft practice)