Future of Finance Cafe

The FutureofFinanceCafe provides an interactive setting to explore the why, what and how of BankoftheFuture so people can share this with others or decide to participate. At the same time we harvest the knowledge of the participants around a specific designpoint. A designpoint is a quality of a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem. The Cafe starts with a basic introduction of BankoftheFuture,  an update on the hot topics, a deep dive into a specific designpoint and finally time to meet the people.

We invite partner organisations to host FutureofFinance cafe's at their home base. At this stage this a monthly event. Do you want to host a FutureofFinanceCafe at your organisation? then contact fofc@bankofthefuture.nl

Do you want to participate in an event? You can find the next event below or in the calendar. This includes a link to the LinkedIn event where you can signup and see others that have already done this.



Cocreation Format

We use cocreation formats as our practices to enable the transition. The formats are oriented to selected playing fields en specific goals.