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What is your driver for joining?

I'm into societal transitions, shifts towards sustainable societal systems. I visualize, I teach, I think, I write, I influence. In my view Finance is a cross-cutter that ought to have strong ties with other societal systems. However Finance has not exactly been in sync during the last two decades with other societal systems trying to find a path towards a sustainable system version. Finance now seems where Energy & Agriculture were in my part of the world by the end of the 1980's - every night on the news, every morning on the frontpage, and deeply confused about its future development direction. For two decades Finance has literally been living in a different world with its focus on leveraging, split second decision making and disconnecting from the locus. Today, when in my part of the world the causes of a declining growth seem structural, the transition that is to happen in Finance will need to re-establish the bonds with other sustainable system development paths, like those in Energy, Agriculture, and Care&Cure. The bank of the future will play a role in that. And that's why I'm here.


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Name: Harry te Riele