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What is your driver for joining?

My driver for joining the Bank of the Future initiative is that I believe that we need a sound and healthy financial system in order to guarantee a sustainable future for the next generations. Even if you don't like it, banks won't go away and their role as the "lubricant" of the world economy is vital for the creation of growht and common welfare. Being a supervisor at DNB I feel I have the responsibility to make a contribution towards a fiancial system that will enhance the well-being of as many people as possible, instead of just favouring the incomes of the happy few. A sustainable financial system should include moral and social values in its DNA and the only way to achieve that is by having the ongoing interaction between the sector and society and - more important - the thought-leaders in the process towards a new banking perspective. We need the financial sector, but without the trust of society it doesn't have a raison d'etre. Last but not least, we do need positive sounds as well. Yes we can build a good and sound financial system and pass this to the next generations!

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Name: Inge Veldhuis