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What is your driver for joining?

The open and natural way you see the future, I totally agree the idear. I am daily frustrating me on big corporates of there arrogance  and there oneway thinking (especially Fincial realted and telcom companies)...

I prefer to work with smal oraganistions and professionals in there habit. And then when processes go nutral and idears are comming on a line it gives energy and power to build and creat so fast we probably never expacted, one of the great goods which I beleave in is the open way of the internet. Also very fashionated to see how OpenSource is working greatly, beceause it is based on working to make things better, stronger and more secure. And for years big companies where not interested for OpenSource and now all of the really big ones suport in someway. I am really glad that you are starting this plaform wich I believe is the near future for sure! 

I try always to think in open way to make it better for me and others... not for the really short term.... but for longer one. Money is for me a side effect on not my base to live for.


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