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What is your driver for joining?

My personal drive for joining "Bank of the future" is a firm believe that things have gotten out of control as a result of people's focus on profitability through created value instead of relying on true value. — I wish to play a role in changing that and develop a philosophy focussing on true value (revenues based on actual costs - labour, materials and energy - with a reasonable margin to cover risks, pensions and so on). — Wishing to practice as I preach, I'm planning to change the way I run my own business (an agency for sustainable design and realisation) and start making quotations based on true value in a way the counterpart can see and undertand the philosophy. — I hope to achieve two main results: >1 for people to understand that real value is something that is given, and not created and >2 a way of working that is truly sustainable, both economically and ecologically. 

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Name: Pieter Kers