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As the director of a company called Art Partner, we initiated a researchproject in 2009, where we interviewed with 12 artists more then 50 leaders in the field of finance ( It is then that we became very passionate about playing a part in the transition of banking/financial industry. We work with over 40 artists and we match them with all kinds of companies. Often not to create artworks, but to create movement, to stimulate thinking and to enable employees to leave their comfort zone and to make the shift from head to heart. The artists we work with are able to provide a different perspective. Because of their different backgrounds and way of life, it is very inspiring for employees to explore different topics with artists. Topics as trust, transparency, (cultural) diversity, change, integrity, ....... These are the same topics that drive these artists.
It is our dream that one day the leaders and employees of all companies find it normal ánd necessary to always have one or more artists within their company. To keep management and employees in a sharp focus, to ask the questions no one ever asks, to surprise and to connect and to co-create / work together on actual and import theme's and questions of today and of the future.

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Name: Sandra Boer