What we do

Engage to implement designpoints through cocreation

We have created a number of cocreation formats that we use to put things into motion and converge this energy around designpoints of a sustainable and resilient financial ecosystem..

The cocreation formats are specifically designed to help

  • Explore the transition framework and designpoints of a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem
  • Envision the emerging financial practices and derive new insights
  • Solution the insights into designpoints that are meaningful, specific and implementable
  • Implement designpoints by embedding them into the organisations, networks or help people to apply them
  • Steward designpoints, illuminate the organisations that implemented them, seek for continous improvements that amplify them


Provide an online cocreation & engagement platform

The online engagement platform coneccts the dots through

  • the people and organisations that paticipate
  • the designpoints that are the qualities and building blocks of a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem
  • the cocreation formats that explain the type of events we organize
  • the tribes where people have flagged where they want to contribute
  • the events that are organized
  • the implementations that we are cocreating with the organisations
  • and notifications of new inspiration, stories, exemplars, events, connections

Status: Available, continued development

Help partner organisations to transition

Bankofthefuture is a Transition Hub for a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem. We help partner organisations to grow the potential and impact of their current and future transition effort. We help to

  • Create the Transition Identity on the level of DNA (Why), SYSTEM (How), LANDSCAPE (What)
  • Select designpoints to implement that are relevant and meaningful
  • Design interventions by using the cocreation formats
  • Collect the stories that describe the journey
  • Upgrade the transition into an experience that makes a deeper connection to the organisation stake holders

We use the competencies within the BankoftheFuture community and our partners. Example organisations are: financial organisations, government, schools, universities, business, non profits

Status: First Pilot